Battle Hymn of The Republic

Battle Hymn of the Republic BANJO TAB.

This Banjo TAB for Battle Hymn of the Republic is in the key of C.  It has ended up being one of my most popular banjo videos on youtube.

**Please understand that this TAB is for the LOW PART ONLY, the higher/up the neck break is not included***

The TAB is based on the version I played below.  I stuck close to the melody; however, this arrangement uses a good bit of syncopation/tied notes to make it more interesting.

You won’t get it exactly right only reading the tab, you need to listen to the recording over and over to get the timing.

The chords used in this song include: C, F, G, Aminor, and D minor.  It’s basically a 1-4-5 chord song with some minor chord SPRINKLES.

Battle Hymn of the Republic is an American Patriotic song.  The lyrics were written by Julia Howe in the 1860’s and based off the earlier folk hymn “Glory, Hallelujah.”

This is one you can play for friends and family and they are sure to have heard it.

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