Beginner Banjo Bundle (9 songs)

Beginner Banjo TABs Bundle

In this Beginner Banjo TAB Bundle for beginner banjo players, you are getting the following banjo tabs in downloadable pdf format:

1)Man of Constant Sorrow Beginner Banjo TAB-Made famous in the O’Brother Where Art Thou Movie.  Simple beginner version using mostly a forward-roll

2)Lonesome Road Blues Beginner BANJO TAB-A bluegrass standard you’ll hear at any jam.  Forget starting with the Earl Scruggs version, this one is easier and is nothing but melody.

3)Little Maggie (up the neck) BANJO TAB-Made famous by Ralph Stanley and Ricky Scaggs.  I have a FREE banjo video of the low part here on my site as well as youtube.

4)Nine pound hammer (easy version)-Super easy version that I give to all of my beginner banjo students.  Based on the older version.

5)Salt Creek-Another jam session favorite, classic fiddle tune

6)Bill Cheatum (2 finger style)-Super Easy version of this fiddle tune.  Great for pure beginner’s only  using two fingers of the right-hand.

7)Angeline the Baker EASY beginner banjo version in the key of D.

8)ALSO-How to Play out of the Diagonal Chord Position.  I think this is something every beginner should work on so I’m including it.

9)ALL of my Slow Banjo Backup parts from my 3 Part youtube series.  A lot of beginner’s can’t play fast, so here is what you can do on SLOW songs.

10)Cumberland Gap BLUEGRASS Beginner Version (Just added).  This is the latest addition to the bundle.  My beginner version of the bluegrass classic Cumberland Gap.

I made a Youtube Playlist that contains recordings to all of these EXCEPT 9 pd hammer

Banjo Bundle PlayList

All banjo tabs are done digitally via Musescore or Tabledit.  After running through these beginner banjo songs, you’ll have some good repertoire under your belt to play at your local bluegrass jam.  I’m including the slow backup and chord ideas because I view this as VITAL information for beginners to participate in jam sessions.

Jody Written by:

Professional Musician of 27 years. I've played Banjo and Acoustic Guitar on the stages of Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, and The Ryman Auditorium. I've also played in six different countries.