Waynesboro ~ Clawhammer Banjo TAB


Clawhammer Banjo TAB ~ Waynesboro

Waynesboro is a common old-time jam tune, made popular by Clyde Davenport.  This melodic clawhammer version I would characterize as intermediate.  It is in standard tuning ( g D G B D).

You’ll need to know your hammer-ons, as this arrangement has A LOT of them.  

There are some up the neck slides and a good big of drop thumb.

I will say that the TAB is not 100% exactly as how I played it in my video.  This is because I was improvising and going from memory a bit.  However, the TAB is more accurate to every note of the melody.

You’ll get a link to the digital pdf sent immediately.  The TAB is two pages long and includes left-hand fingerings as well as all drop-thumbs notated.

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