Golden Slippers

Golden Slippers Banjo TAB

This banjo tab for Golden Slippers is a good Single-string workout for beginners in the first section; the B section uses mostly common bluegrass banjo rolls.  I’m a fan of mixing styles.

Golden Slippers is a common bluegrass and fiddle tune favorite you’ll hear at a lot of jams.

NOTE-Some people play this in the key of A, so you’ll want to bust out your capo and practice it in A as well.

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Some history behind Golden Slippers

It was written in 1879 by an African American named James A. Bland.

white church


Unfortunately, like many tunes from this post Civil-War era, it’s popularity has a checkered past.  It was performed in Minstrel shows, often by blackface performers. The tune was late made famous by the Fisk Jubilee Singers.



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