Hanukkah Banjo / Dreidel Song + Ma’Oz Tzur + S’vivon sov sov

Hanukkah Favorites for Banjo

Last year I arranged the Hanukkah favorite MaOz Tzur for 5-string banjo.  This year I decided to add The Dreidel Song to the Hanukkah banjo collection.   There aren’t many arrangements of Jewish music for the banjo, so I thought I would begin arranging some of these.  I also just finished up S’vivon sov sov as well, so that’s included.

You are getting both songs in pdf format.  You’ll also get the MP3 of the Dreidel Song done a bit slower.

Dreidel Song

The Dreidel Song is commonly sung by children during Hanukkah.  The song was written in the year 1927.  This roll based version almost begins to sound like it could have been a bluegrass song 🙂

The arrangement is in the key of C and isn’t too terribly difficult.  Those that have played for approximately a year and known their key of C chords should be okay on this one.

MaOz Tzur for banjo

Here is the recording of the Ma’Oz Tzur banjo arrangement.  If you previously purchased the prior version, I redid the TAB, making it larger and easier to read.

Ma’Oz Tzur was most written by Benedetto Marvello and most likely in the 12th century.

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