Red River Valley Banjo TAB

Red River Valley Banjo TAB

Red River Valley is an old folk tune that dates as far back as the mid 1800’s.  It was sung in many cowboy westerns; however, it lends itself to the 5-string banjo quite well.  Famous versions include those by Woody Guthrie, Gene Autry, and Bing Crosby.

This banjo TAB for Red River Valley is a slower chordal arrangement with just a few rolls here and there.  I added some nice chord substitutions to give it a bit more “flavor.”

While slow, this isn’t a beginner TAB; it’s more intermediate.  You’ll need to know your basic G/C/D7chord in various forms up and down the neck.  There is also a more advanced Csus4 chord thrown in that is a bit of a stretch.

Key: Key of G; Digital PDF delivered TODAY.

Red River Valley Song Recording

Song Lyrics to Red River Valley

Here is the first verse:

“From this valley you say you are going

I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile

For they say you are taking the sunshine

That has brightened our pathway the while.”

Jody Written by:

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