Shady Grove Beginner Banjo TAB

Shady Grove Banjo TAB

Banjo TAB of “Shady Grove” in the key of Dminor, 5th string tuned to A.  This is an Easy Beginner TAB version.  It comes with two variations.

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Shady grove is a bluegrass standard that you’ll hear at jams a lot.  It’s a simply tune for whoever is accompanying; it really only has two chords (Dminor and C).

This song is a modal tune.  It’s in the mode of Dorian.  A lot of the old mountain Appalachian music is in modes instead of a major scale.  Most of these tunes don’t contain elaborate chord progressions, but rather, a haunting melody, often a simple tune that can easily be hummed.

Some popular recorded versions include those by Doc Watson, Tony Rice, as well as one by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia.

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