Old Spinning Wheel for 5-string banjo

Old Spinning Wheel Banjo TAB

Banjo TAB of “The Old Spinning Wheel” FIRST break only.  This is by far the most popular TAB on my site.  I believe it was the first song I ever uploaded to YouTube and it remains one of my favorite songs to play

This version is in the key of C and in parts I try to imitate a “spinning” effect.  It only uses three banjo chords; C, F, and G.

The recording is located here:

This combines some single-string licks along with some ideas I got from Allen Shelton.

Sorry, I don’t have a TAB for the higher/up the neck part.

Spinning Wheel Song History

The first recording was done by Ray Noble in the early 1930’s.  It was written by Billy Hill.

Jody Written by:

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