Watch the end of the video for a slower play-through of the arrangement.

Clawhammer Banjo TAB

St Anne’s Reel -Intermediate

St Anne’s Reel is a common jam tune in bluegrass and old time circles.  The origins of the tune are up for debate; however, the most plausible one I’ve seen is that it was originally a French-Canadian tune.  I’ll leave that for the historians to argue over 🙂  

This clawhammer banjo TAB is arranged in aDGBD tuning.  Basically, standard tuning with the 5th string tuned to A.  So, it minimizes the amount of time you’ll spend re-tuning.  This tune is always played in the key of D.

Clawhammer Technique Prerequisites for St Anne’s Reel:

  • Drop Thumbing
  • Pull-offs
  • Hammer-ons
  • Basic Major chord formations
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