Star of The County Down-Banjo TAB

This “Star of the County Down” banjo TAB has two arrangements. 

  • One slower in waltz or 3/4 time signature
  • One in 4/4 time with a jig-feel

Both are in standard tuning in the key of E minor. You’ll get a link to the TAB in your inbox today. It comes in digital PDF format.

Banjo TAB: Star of The County Down

The waltz time is more suitable for beginners that knows their basic E minor, G major and D chords up to the 12th fret.  The jig feel is more of an intermediate piece at a much faster pace.

Here are the arrangements:

Star of the county down comes to us from Ireland. Over on Session, there are over 90 recordings of the faster version listed.

Jody Written by:

Professional Musician of 27 years. I've played Banjo and Acoustic Guitar on the stages of Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, and The Ryman Auditorium. I've also played in six different countries.