The Wassail Song

Wassail Song Banjo TAB

You are getting a digital PDF copy of “The Wassail Song” for 5-string banjo.  I’m also putting in an mp3 of the MIDI file done slowly that you can practice with. 


It is in the key of D; however, no re-tuning is necessary.  You’ll need to know your basic barre chords (D, G, and A).  Your diagonal D chord shape is also used as well.

**Please Understand that this TAB is in both 6/8 and 4/4 time signature.  That is how it’s traditionally written out.  My advice-listen to the song to internalize it, so you aren’t having to read the rhythms.  Even further, I recommend learning to SING the tune without the instrument in hand so you’ll know how it goes.

This song isn’t too terribly difficult if you follow those directions.

History of The Wassail Song

This song was sung in England during the 18th century as part of the wassail traditional.  Ralph Vaughan Williams is known for doing his own interpretation of the song.  Today it is of course sung during the Holiday music time.

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