You are my Sunshine Beginner Banjo TAB

5-string Banjo TAB for You are My Sunshine

This Banjo TAB for You are my sunshine is in the key of G. It’s easy enough for the beginner banjo player.  It uses only a few basic banjo rolls-your forward and alternating thumb roll.  As a prerequisite, the major ornamentation you need to know is a pull-off.

You are my Sunshine is a three chord song.  All you need to know are your G, C, and D chords.

I wrote the arrangement so that any listener would here the melody clearly.

Video of “You Are my Sunshine” for 5-string banjo

The You are my Sunshine banjo tab comes in PDF format and is easy to read.  You’ll receive the file IMMEDIATELY via email.  Your friends and family are sure to love this one.  Play it around the campfire or at your next jam session.

Some history about You are my Sunshine:

You are my Sunshine was copy written by Jimmy Davis & Charles Mitchell in 1939.  Many people don’t know this, but the song wasn’t written by Jimmy Davis, he simply purchased the rights to it.  Legend has it a man from Lagrange, GA named Oliver Hood wrote the tune at an earlier point in time.  Gene Autry sang this classic song in his movie Back in the Saddle again.

Jimmy Davis of course later went on to become governor of Louisiana.  When I was younger, I remember seeing him at bluegrass festivals in GA a time or two.

Jody Written by:

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