Need a great Guitar/Banjo Stand?

Hercules GS525B 5-Piece Guitar Rack

Want a great stand to use in your studio or music room? I LOVE this thing and it’s what I use in my music room.

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Why is it a better stand than your average guitar stand?

1) It holds multiple guitars and banjos. It encourages you to buy more instruments, who doesn’t want five guitars/banjos sitting there staring at them!

2) Your instruments will not fall off of this thing. The way it’s set up, the instrument leans into it from the side. This will not keep your local luthier in business like your traditional guitar stand. I tell ALL of my students to avoid the traditional stands because they CAN tip over and you will break your instrument if you aren’t super careful, especially if you have animals or small kids.

3) It’s not expensive. The cost is $87.99. This isn’t much, especially if it holds five instruments. That math works out to less than $20 an instrument. It may just save you some money over time, depending on how many instruments you buy! Hey, more instruments, more cost savings.

4) The stand has padding for the neck and foam for the body so it won’t scratch or otherwise harm your instrument. Some of my instruments are expensive so this is SUPER important to me.

5) Easy to assemble. Put it together in a few minutes at most. I ordered mine, got it in the mail and had it together immediately.

6) Reduces clutter, you can toss the cases in the closet, under the bed and leave your instruments out.

7) Your instruments stay in your sight. The more you see them means the more you play them. An instrument hidden away in a case in a closet is played less.

8) Portable-you’ll see in the video underneath that you can fold it up and take it with you quite easily. Great for performers on the road.

Where can I get it for the best deal and quick?

Click on the AMAZON link underneath to purchase. I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you purchase through this link I do earn a commission. At the same time, I only recommend things I personally use and have lots of experience with. This has been one of my FAVORITE musical purchases.

Here is the video I did on the stand, if you watch you can see how it folds up and it’s size:

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  1. How many instruments and cases do you have laying around your house? Maybe it’s time to get more efficient, ya think?

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