New COURSES: Beginner & intermediate

This past month I spent time revamping an old beginner banjo course.  The course is now available on Teachable/Skillshare, and Udemy:

Beginner Banjo: Roll your way into songs!



How to wear your picks, my recommendations on fingerpicks/thumbpicks, Basic banjo roll patterns (forward-reverse/alternating thumb/forward), Basic Chords G/C/D7/Eminor.  I also go over the songs Cumberland Gap, Cripple Creek, and Nine Pound hammer.  These arrangements are geared for the pure beginner.  I cover ornamentations like slides.  This course does not use TABLATURE to get you going.  I think tablature is more important later on, after you can already play some songs.  It comes with a play along for the standard Cripple Creek.


The Second Course is entitled “12 Arpeggio Etudes in the key of A minor.”  This is a real technique and fingerboard workout intended for the intermediate+ banjo student.  Prerequisites include being familiar with single-string technique. 

People often ask me how I improvise all over the fingerboard, this is partly due to having the CHORD TONES and arpeggios mapped out all up and down the fingerboard.  In fact,  I would say learning my arpeggios in all my keys up and down the neck had more of an impact on my improvisation abilities than most anything else I’ve studied.

By the time you are done with this course, you will know your fingerboard in the key of A minor extremely well, as well as have a great increase in technical abilities.

A preview of the ideas used:


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