Five single-string licks

Single String Licks for 5-string banjo


What is Single String?

Single-string is a style made popular by banjo players such as Don Reno and Bela Fleck.  Technique-wise, for now, it is essentially alternating of the right hand fingers, whether that be Thumb-Index, or Index-Middle on one string. 

In the video, I play the banjo licks and go over how to do each of them. These licks fit one measure of D to one measure of G.  I’m teaching you FIVE single-string licks you can add to a TON of bluegrass songs; they are applicable to everything from “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” to “Shucking the Corn.”

When learning licks for the banjo, you’ll need a way to categorize them.  So, always know what chords each lick fits and how many measures they last.  Think about how you memorize anything.  The clearer your labels and classification system, the more information you can retain.

I’ll demonstrate how you can string many of these banjo licks together to create even longer licks.  I also show how you can use pieces of the licks and generate more ideas from the fragments.  Really, with a few licks, you can generate dozens of more.

These are some single-string licks I think you’ll get a lot of use out of and you can drive your bandmates (or significant other) crazy with! 🙂

Have fun and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the video!


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