Lots of D to G Banjo Licks


One of the most common Chord Changes in Bluegrass music is D to G.    So we need lots of vocabulary to use over these chord changes if we are to improvise.  One way to get some new words in your improvisation is to simply learn some new licks.  Here are a few D to G licks I recently shared on my youtube channel.

Here is my grand D to G banjo lick library:

Banjo Lick #1 is something I got from David Grier, who by the  way, is one of my favorite musicians.  I THINK I stole this from his Tarnation recording, I can’t remember.  I present it in single-string style so you can move it to different keys, but also show it in melodic style as well


Here is Banjo Lick #2.  I got this one from Mark O’Connor.  I am almost positive this came from his Limerock recording.  It is essentially a D7 arpeggio


Banjo Lick #3.  I got this one from Allen Shelton, who is my favorite banjo player.  This lick is particularly useful as it can be used over both D and G chords.

Banjo Lick #4.  These are more blues based D licks that can be used in the keys of G and D.

How to Use these LIcks:

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