Banjo Connectors for Backup


Backup Banjo Connectors

Many people get hung up sounding like they are only rolling through chord shapes.  How do you add interesting sounds between the chord shapes.

Today, I’ll teach you how to take it one step further.  I call these things banjo CONNECTORS, as they connect you from one chord to the next.  The beauty about the connectors is they are shape based and easy to memorize.  They are also applicable to both lead and backup playing.

In the video below, I demonstrate in the key of G as well as other keys.  You’ll want to try this over your common song keys.  For example, try G, C, D and the key of A

They will help you improvise out of chord shapes, enabling you to take breaks on songs that you don’t know.

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The CONNECTOR equation is as follows:

One TWO BEAT ROLL (Four notes) plus two quarter notes that lead you in to the next chord.

Knowing the notes of your scales can help but you can just use your ears as well.

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