Improvisation Insights Course

Want to become a better improviser? Regardless of the instrument?

Are your solos going nowhere and don’t know how to get to that next level?

Well I’ve created an ongoing course called “Improvisation Insights” that’s available on and

In this course, I will go over methods allowing musicians to obtain greater improvisational freedom.  This course is useful for ALL instrumentalists.  Demonstrations are done using either guitar or piano. It assumes prior knowledge of major scales/keys/I-IV-V chords.  Some basic sheet music reading skills are helpful as well but not 100% necessary.

Current class topics include discussing composing solos, writing solos using motifs or fragments and lastly, how to take a simple scale pattern and transpose it into multiple keys.

This is ESSENTIAL for developing fluency in all 12 keys.

Part of the problem many musicians face is they can play well in one or two keys but the moment it switches to something like Eb or Ab they are lost.

I also will be going into detail about melodic awareness and listening skills.  Melodies often move in patterns and if you know these patterns it helps hearing and understanding them easier.

My Improvisation Insights video course is available at this link.  We are currently at an hours worth of material, more to come.  I plan on doing about two hours of material before starting the second installment.

Skillshare is a great website that with membership gives you access to a TON of material in all sorts of topics.  Let’s just say I’ve learned a few things on there myself 🙂

For those, that want only the course and not a subscription, you can find it on my Teachable website along with my other teaching videos, here:



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