Banjo Scales In Melodic style

Melodic Style Banjo

So, you’ve got some rolls and songs under your belt and are  now looking for how to play your Banjo scales? 

One of the main styles of banjo playing is called MELODIC STYLE.  This was made famous by players such as Bill Keith, Bobby Thompson, and today, Bela Fleck.  Melodic Style is one of the main ways to play scales on the banjo.  Single-string is the other technique.

Most books teaching this melodic-style simply show you via TAB where to put your fingers, not giving you any logic behind what you are doing.


I recently completed a new online banjo course entitled “Major scales using Melodic Style” 

My goal with the course is to show you WHY you are playing things the way you are playing them.

In this course, I cover how to the play your G, C, and D major scales.  Lastly, you’ll learn a few exercises and licks to increase your flexibility with the style.  This course runs approximately one hour in length.

You can find this course on Teachable


Udemy Melodic Course

and Skillshare:

By the time you are done with the course, you’ll know some scales, how to learn other scales, some licks and a few exercises to develop your flexibility with the style.

Why learn melodic-style banjo?

So, you can play repertoire such as fiddle tunes, classical music, jazz, popular, and more.  Unfortunately knowing rolls and Scruggs-style banjo isn’t enough to tackle other repertoire.

If you already know how to play MELODIC STYLE, you might be interested in this more advanced workout:

Melodic Scale WORKOUT


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