Assassin’s Creed | Ezio’s Family | Odyssey

Here is Ezio’s family from Assassin’s Creed, my latest Video Game Music cover.

I chose the Odyssey version as my guideline. I heard this version and immediately thought it would work great on the banjo as it is uses drones quite a bit. Assassin’s Creed is of course available on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and more.

I use my Romero Banjo (

and bare fingers on this one, I liked the idea of having some clawhammer-type strums in there to make it heavier. The song is in D minor and while there are some improvisational sections, the main melody is only a couple of notes repeated over and over.

I will be venturing into a new Nintendo game theme here shortly. There is a lot of great Video Game music out there these days. So much to choose from.

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