Banjo books I recommend

In my latest video, I go over some BANJO BOOKS I recommend for beginners to intermediate players.

These books are ones that I’ve used and highly recommend.  All of them I used at some point in my development as a player.

Here is the VIDEO:

Jack Hatfield Banjo Book

The Jack Hatfield book is great for beginner bluegrass banjo.  He has the melody highlighted in the arrangements so you can see it, which is a nice unique feature of the book.  Also, you will find the arrangements (at least most) a bit easier than what you will find in the Scruggs book

Melodic Banjo Book:

I learned A LOT of the melodic banjo stuff I play from this Melodic Banjo Book by Tony Trischka.  In particular, the sections on Vic Jordan and Bill Keith.

Earl Scruggs Book:

I think it goes without saying you HAVE to get this book.  I prefer the original 1968 version as the new version has some pretty ridiculous errors.

Acutab series

I have the Bill Emerson Acutab book but there are other banjo personality books available as well; Scott Vestal for instance, if you are up for a serious challenge.

These book will take you through beginner to advanced material.  They will certainly provide you with years worth of stuff to perfect.

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