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Best Banjo Books

In my latest video, I go over what I feel are the best BANJO BOOKS for beginners to intermediate players.  There are a lot of books on the market out there, some of them great, some not so great; there are even some that will set you down the wrong path.  Each of these books carries my recommendation and I’ve used with some point in my own development and with students.

Here is the VIDEO:

A breakdown of the books with links:

Jack Hatfield Banjo Book

The Jack Hatfield book is great for learning beginner bluegrass banjo.  He has the melody highlighted in the arrangements so you can see it, this is an extremely nice feature to have as a beginner in a sea of banjo notes.  Also, you will find the arrangements (at least most) a bit easier than given in a place like the Earl Scruggs book.  I have yet to see anything by Hatfield I didn’t like, so that’s my endorsement.

Melodic Banjo Book:

I learned A LOT of the melodic banjo stuff I play from this Melodic Banjo Book by Tony Trischka.  In particular, the sections on Vic Jordan and Bill Keith.  This book does a great job of showing you the basic melodic style banjo licks and songs.  However, it  is lacking in showing you WHY you are doing things the way you are.  I have a melodic style banjo course on that (hint hint :P)

Earl Scruggs Book:

I think it goes without saying you HAVE to get the Earl Scruggs Banjo book.  I prefer the original 1968 version as the new version has some pretty ridiculous errors.  The only downside is the print is smaller and more difficult to read.  All of the prints I’ve seen contain errors; however, they aren’t too bad in the first print and most are pretty obvious.

Acutab series

I have the Bill Emerson Acutab book but there are other banjo personality books available as well; Scott Vestal for instance, if you are up for a serious challenge.

These book will take you through beginner to advanced material.  They will certainly provide you with years worth of stuff to perfect.

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