Little Maggie LESSON (Up the neck)

Free BANJO LESSON: Little Maggie

In my latest FREE Banjo Lesson, I teach the old bluegrass favorite, “Little Maggie.”  Now, you MAY have seen another “Little Maggie” video; that was an easy version in the lower registers.  I’d rate this one as a little more difficult and it uses the 7th through 12th frets. 

This version uses only a few banjo rolls.  Mostly forward and what I call the Foggy Mountain Breakdown roll.  You will need to know your partial G and F chords in the 5th to 12th fret areas.

Looking for the TAB?

The TAB is available to ALL of my Patreon members:

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As always, thank you so much for tuning in and if you have any questions put them in the comments.  I WILL get back with you!

If you enjoyed this lesson, you might enjoy Lonesome Road Blues, it’s just a little bit longer than “Little Maggie” but about the same difficulty level:

Lonesome Road Blues FREE BANJO LESSON

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