Easy Banjo TAB: Shady Grove

Shady Grove 3 finger Banjo TABS

Here is a new beginner banjo arrangement to “Shady Grove” in the key of D minor (5th string tuned to A)

These two variations aren’t too difficult.  The TAB is available on my website via the tablature section located here

Shady Grove BANJO Tab

Here is a Shady Grove chord chart FREE of charge-you can give this to your guitar or bass buddy to play along with you. As you can tell, these old folk song only has TWO CHORDS-D minor and C major. Be careful, on the 7th measure, there is a half measure of D minor and a half measure of C.

This tune is in a mode called D dorian. Modal tunes are often characterized by less chord changes and harmony.

Shady Grove Chord Chart
Shady Grove Chord Chart

Shady Grove Song Lyrics

“Shady grove, My little love

Shady grove I say

Shady grove, my little love

I’m bound to go away

Cheeks as red as blooming rose

And eyes are the prettiest brown

She’s the darlin of my heart

Sweetest girl in town.”

Recommended Recordings of Shady Grove

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