Banjo Scales-G major on one string

In this video, you’ll learn how to play your G major scale up and down the fingerboard. This will aid you in seeing along the entire length of the neck, increasing your ability to shift around at will.

In a previous video we talked about playing the scale the typical way

One barrier students often run into is being stuck playing in one or two positions. This results in having a limited range of sounds available to your fingers. This may result in too much repetition of the same patterns, sounds and licks.

I begin by breaking down the notes on the third string, next I move on to adding a forward roll to these notes. In addition, I demonstrate how to add slides and hammer-ons to these notes.

One should apply these ideas to each string of the banjo. You want the ability to start the scale at any note on any string. Practice sequences and groupings of notes. For example, Go up three notes and down one, then sequence that up in the scale. The possibilities can keep a person busy for a very long time. This is not a short-term project.

Here is the video:

Be sure to stick with these exercises. As I state in the video, once you learn where the targets are, then you begin creating melodies and ad libing.

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