Angeline The baker FREE LESSON

In this banjo lesson, I teach an up the neck version of “Angeline the Baker.”  You will need to tune your 5th string up to A or use a 5th string spike to capo it up to A.  This version relies HEAVILY on the 521 or FORWARD roll. The Forward Roll is probably the most used roll in all of banjo music.

The youtube video below goes through a breakdown of the song.  However, the tab is available as well to my patreons.  You can support my patreon page here:

Or the TAB is available as a one-off purchase here:


The key of D is one you’ll want to become proficient in, as it’s a fiddle players favorite key.  Hopefully, as you learn the arrangement, you are not only learning the song but some useful licks to use elsewhere as well. 

Inside this arrangement, you will find SIXTHS at the 16th and 14th frets.  This is an easy way to spice up a melody.  SIXTHS are used in everything from blues to the old rock favorite, “Brown Eyed Girl.”

This arrangement uses most of the fingerboard, all the way from the 16th fret down to the 3rd fret.  However, It is primarily done in the  7th to 12th fret area of the fingerboard.

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